where to from here?

Breeches of copyright are the main topic on conversation in any gathering of Equestrian photographers, anywhere, anytime.  Nothing gets them hotter under the collar faster than this.  My non equestrian photographer friends are honestly flabbergasted by the situation and find it incomprehensible that people in the equestrian community actually do this.
Not only is it illegal, absolutely every rider loses when one decides to disregard the rules; show photographers are becoming frustrated beyond belief and I believe will be more reluctant to share images in an open format as time goes on.  Eventually all riders will miss out not just those ignoring the rules. Finding a show photographer in the future will be harder than finding a cassette tape in a modern teenagers room.
I think it displays extraordinary rudeness and disrespect. Personally i believe that some of the answer lies within the riding community itself. If i see an image on any social media page, watermarked, not shared with no photo credit (irrespective of who took it) i absolutely refuse to like it, even if its fabulous.  By and large people are generally posting to acquire likes and attention, if the attention is not given to an image used in an inappropriate manner the reward will be minimal.
As a photographer I chose not to take, edit or post pictures of riders that i know to have misused images on any platform, whether the image is one of mine or taken by the wealth of fabulous talented photographers in NZ. I simply do not bother to invest my limited time on those people.
Ask yourself this?
How would you feel if someone was posting images from your timeline?
the article that got me thinking about this again in the first place and a picture of a giraffe because they are fabulous

on the bright side

i know many in the equestrian world will be devastated by the lack of hardware from today.  I am just delighted to see this combination perform so very well.  They have such strong connections to the New Zealand circuit i can not feel anything but joy at this performance.

Finding time in a busy world

As the spring season is just a blink of the eye away, I am planning my new season adventures as precisely as any 4* event rider.  This also means putting last season’s work to bed. But all this does is highlight the myriad of things i intended to write about or do further work on and just never found the time.  So, I am casting aside any ‘grand designs’ and squeezing this in while ignoring all of the things that i  should be doing.  Life is like that these days, if we wait until we have the time it may never happen. Perhaps we just need to find a few minutes in every day to sneak something we really want to do. So I am parking my strategy of waiting for that elusive free time, in favour of just sharing a few simple pictures that hopefully tell a little bit of a story, one that i quite like.


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the future seems bright

Who are our stars of tomorrow?

I don’t often go to Pony Club events, but when i do it strikes me that maybe I’m watching one of our future great riders in action. It can be a long day out in the sun or worse the rain, as the classes inevitably run toward the lower grades the temptation to skulk away becomes ever stronger. But cute combinations abound in the lower grades and frankly some of them are really rather good.  Was that a mini Mark Todd or a Jonelle Price in the making that just trotted by?  One day I may be rewarded. Eventing glory may be just strides away for one of those cute combinations who just rode past.   Only time will tell.