just a day

Photography connects you with people in a way i never really anticipated and not just with those in front of the lens but those who share your creative passion ‘photo nerds’ they are everywhere.  Last weekend i drove about a 6 hour round trip to hang out with some fellow photo humans at Bayleys Rotorua Spring Show this seems somewhat ridiculous when you consider they live a mere 20 minutes down the road. But what a joy, the sun shone, i didn’t need gumboots, the organisers were wonderful. Caught up with some Eventing folk out for a run and hunting for some better post winter footing. I became enamoured with a cute grey horse. I met a man who worked as a shepherd at Lochinvar station in his youth (he said it was the coldest he had ever been, and he went to the South Island to warm up), we talked about family, horses and the like. Introduced myself to a puppy who needed absolutely needs his own instagram account #instafame (Highland Scottish i think?). I fell in love with Hillman Hunter. Had a deserted drive home after an accident closed SH1 at Wairaki. The strangeness of driving a totally empty, normally busy road is nice, but a little unnerving.   Then i took this picture; which came out looking like this, on a moment, that looked just like this.  Sometimes nature just gets it so very right. Thats a lot to pack in one day  #photonerdsontour #thebestofdays #irelevant#’sforever


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