The other day while I was sitting in traffic, it’s an Auckland ‘thing’, i thought how much i would like a zebra.  Then i wondered albeit briefly, why they had never really become domesticated or interbred with horses.  Then the traffic moved and that was the end of it.

Until yesterday when an article from 2011 about Zac a show jumping zebra from Texas, popped up in my news feed.  The wonderful world of Goggle produces a wealth of ridden zebras, my very favourite, Osa Johnson. Osa with her husband Martin, were adventurers and film makers who i had never heard of until about 2 minutes ago.  orsa-johnson-daily-mail

image from the daily mail; many of the images come via Getty images but i cant find this one listed there


They seem like really interesting people, I suspect i would like to know more about them. 

Even stranger I found a show jumping Giraffe, all this left me thinking where would we be without Traffic, and the most wonderful world of Goggle.



Further Information:
Zac the show jumping Zebra from Texas

Orsa Johnson



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