Apparently there are around 40,000 plus formerly wild horses held in holding facilities by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in the US.   Some are adopted, but as the numbers tell us, a lot are not.  I understand that in the latest meeting they have voted in favour of killing all those they currently have in holding.  This is such a gnarly subject. But looking at the adoption page helps to demonstrate the scale of the horses currently in care.

The New Zealand experience with the Kaimanawa wild horses has taught us that impassioned people, cross agency communication, dedicated followers, great trainers, and a strong organisation committed to saving horses can move mountains, it is a success story to be proud of.  One can only hope that such a rare combination of ‘awesome’ can be repeated and create new lives for these horses.

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Further Information:

Breaking News: BLM’s Wild Horse Advisory Board Just Voted To Kill All 44,000 Captive Wild Horses In Holding

if you feel really driven here are the members on whose shoulders this decision falls;

*Ms. Ginger Kathrens was the sole member not to support the edict.











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