I really dont think i have that much to say

But we will have to see about that, what i do have is rather a lot of pictures.   I am often asked ‘where can i see all your photos’.   It was never my intent to assume the role of event photographer, my goal was to improve my skills and catch up with friends on the various circuits and get some background shots for an art project i was thinking about.  If i had a blueprint in mind at all it was to document the lives of horses in our time, what do they do? what are they used for? who cares for them? So the reality is the only place you are likely to see the complete picture is in my hard drive. I’m pretty sure i have don’t even have the whole picture. That said i do post in a variety of places on the web and this will be an attempt to tie the varying strands together. The fact that i am easily distracted and can neither spell nor punctuate particularly well could make this a somewhat lofty goal.

but anyway one of the other places i really like to hang out is;


its not all horses but they do feature rather a lot


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